It's All About the Bacon
So, who had a dish with Bacon for Thanksgiving??
  1. sweetfemininity answered: There was bacon in the stuffing!
  2. baconbowlingbeer answered: Bacon, Ham and Sausage stuffing! So I could freak out the vegetarians at the table.
  3. big-gregoreo answered: Bacon was in the green beans. DavBell made the dish. It was very bacon-y
  4. thegirlwithbluehair answered: THIS GUY!
  5. un answered: spinach dip w/bacon
  6. thebluehour answered: brussel sprouts tossed in bacon (and bacon fat)
  7. shortandsweetie answered: me! we had a string bean dish with sauteed bacon on top
  8. futurepastorswife answered: I had bacon for breakfast that morning. Does that count? :P
  9. saxxyback answered: Bacon wrapped asparagus
  10. ohheyitsjazo answered: does ham count?
  11. caro answered: Instead of a turkey we had a Bacon Explosion.
  12. zoomar answered: Brussels Sprouts and Bacon = Delicious
  13. baconbaconbacon posted this
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